World Cup 2018 : Prediction, Promotion all match

Just two weeks into the 2018 World Cup will begin, right now, millions of fans have begun booking tickets and renting hotels in Russia to watch the matches. And let us quote an idea source prediction World Cup results fairly or below, invite you to look through and commenting.

Prediction group stage 2018 World Cup

prediction world cup 2018 group stage
Russia draw with Saudi Arabia in the opening match, while Uruguay beat the Egyptians and won 3 points. Uruguay continues to destroy Saudi Arabia, while Egypt surpasses the host. Uruguay lead the group with 9 points after sort out Russia in the final, while Egypt finished second after victory over Saudi Arabia team.

Portugal significantly reduced Spain, while the Iranians won over Morocco. Portugal and Spain won their next two matches, leaving Iran and Morocco in the dust.

France had annihilated Australia, while the Danes emerged against Peru. France and Denmark won their next two games, and Peru, while eliminating, celebrated the victory over the Australians.

Argentina beat newcomers Iceland in their first match, while Croatia lost to Nigeria. Argentina draw with Croatia in a fierce battle, and the Super Eagles finish Iceland's winning streak. Argentina beat Nigeria and topped the table with Nigeria in the second match, when Croatia brought Iceland home without a win.

Brazil might defeat Switzerland, while Costa Rica beat Serbia. Brazil continues to dominate Costa Rica in their next match, while Switzerland and Serbia draw. Brazil topped the table with wins against Serbia, and Switzerland beat Costa Rica.

This is the true death group. The German champions win over Mexico, while Sweden open their World Cup campaign with a win over Korea. Germany beat Sweden in their second match, and Mexico eliminated Korea with a win. Germany beat South Korea and won all their matches, while Mexico were very close to qualifying for Sweden, either through a win or a draw depending on the goal difference.

Belgium defeated the newcomers Panama, while England crushed Tunisia in their first match. Belgium easily travels through Tunisia, while Britain joins Panama. Belgium continued to lead the draw with England, and Panama overtook Tunisia but did not qualify for the 16th round.

Poland defeated Senegal, while Colombia defeated the Japanese. Poland and Colombia are bound, while Japan defeats Senegal. Poland and Colombia secured their place in the knockout stages after beating Senegal and Japan.

Prediction round of 16 2018 World Cup

prediction world cup 2018 round of 16
This is a very close and tight match, but twice Uruguay champion entered the quarterfinals after a long time.

Super Eagles are not good enough for the French, who beat them 90 minutes and went to the quarterfinals.

A close match between Brazil and Mexico, with Neymar and his teammates. came out top and secured a place for Brazil in the last eight games.

This match went to the penalties, where Belgium finally won Los Cafeteros, and advanced to their second consecutive quarter-final.

Portugal's Portuguese champion led by Ronaldo is Egypt, and for the first time in the top eight for the first time since 2006.

The German champions beat their European neighbors, who put up a good fight against the winners four times.

Messi and his team qualified for the quarterfinals after beating a strong Danish team in extra time, bringing Argentina to the final eight games.

He led the match, but a strong Polish team equalized and beat the Three Lions to reach the final eight games for the first time in 36 years.

Prediction quater finals 2018 World Cup

prediction world cup 2018 quaterfinal
Les Bleus crossed the rivals from Uruguay, to go to the semi-finals. I guess there is something controversial happening with Uruguay this match.

A meeting between the two best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, overcame every penalties as Portuguese champions entered the finals.

Brazil finally won against Belgium after a close game against ET, with both teams playing good football and Belgium giving a great fight. Brazil advanced to the semis for the second consecutive tournament.

Germany won with a good Polish team, who were not strong enough to defeat a German industrial power, advance to the fifth semi-final.

Prediction semi finals 2018 World Cup

prediction world cup 2018 semifinal
In a misery for the Brazilians, they were eliminated by the French after extra time. Les Bleus to the third World Cup finals.

The German champions have sought to extend their World Cup qualifiers as they push Portugal out of the way and go to the second final with strong rivals in Europe.

Prediction third place match

The two Portuguese-speaking countries face off for the third-place medal, but the Brazilians redeem themselves and seize bronze after defeating Portugal.

Prediction final match

Here it is. Two strong European teams have reached the final of the World Cup, including the champions. After scoring a goal, teams will advance. It was a fierce and fierce battle, but the French won the title and won their second FIFA World Cup.

Champions: France (2nd title)
Runner-up: Germany
Third place: Brazil
Fourth Place: Portugal
Golden Ball: Neymar
Golden Boot: Romelu Lukaku

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